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48 1842d 21h jldugger /content/Linux/ revise publication date
link to npr puzzle
47 1842d 21h jldugger /content/Linux/ revised draft of npr puzzle post  
46 1857d 08h jldugger /content/Life/ add links, fix markup  
45 1857d 09h jldugger /content/Identity/ add new category folder  
44 1857d 09h jldugger /content/Life/ fix title  
43 1857d 09h jldugger /content/Life/ mid 2011 goals post  
42 1857d 14h jldugger / added the import script I built
- borrows heavily from
- dumps my Liferea database (sqlite) of posts into seperate .md files
- not particularly reusable
41 1873d 00h jldugger /content/Linux/ first draft of puzzle hacking  
40 1883d 17h jldugger /borrowedidea/templates/ factor out adsense template and byline template  
39 1883d 17h jldugger /borrowedidea/ refresh theme from upstream  
38 1883d 17h jldugger /borrowedidea/templates/ add adsense to blog posts  
37 1892d 15h jldugger /borrowedidea/static/css/ fix theme to be protocol relative (HTTPS safe)  
36 1892d 15h jldugger / fix things after upgrading to pelican 2.7.2  
35 1892d 15h jldugger / Add FRONT_PAGE_ITEM_COUNT config var to cut down front page size  
34 1917d 19h jldugger /content/Life/ revise intro  
33 1917d 20h jldugger /content/Life/ new blog post  
32 1935d 17h jldugger /content/Linux/ fix links  
31 1935d 17h jldugger /content/Linux/ document popup annoyances  
30 1939d 17h jldugger /content/Linux/ fix thinko and link to UROP  
29 1940d 14h jldugger /borrowedidea/static/css/ properly attribute CSS theme  

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