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  1. Podcasts 2016

    Sun 25 December 2016

    Every so often, I see a podcast recommendation thread on HN / Reddit / elsewhere. Rather than repeat myself, here's an annotated list of podcasts I listen to. If you're needing a great podcast Android player, I recommend AntennaPod, which has a thriving open source community behind it. On to ...

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  2. Rule Zero of FinOpsDev

    Wed 16 March 2016

    I'm working on a personal finance project codenamed FinOpsDev (rebranding suggestions welcome), aiming to reduce drudgery to near zero with automation, and exploit the increased velocity to run automated tasks more often, etc. Like DevOps for your checkbook. Or like Continous Accounting.

    As a base, I'm using GNUCash ...

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  3. N900 Eulogy

    Fri 23 November 2012

    3 years ago, Nokia released an intriguing option into the smartphone market. The N900 was a true Linux phone, and a simple, freely available app was all you needed to get root access to your hardware. The N900 was not a massive hit with carriers, and not a massive hit ...

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  4. PuppetConf 2012

    Sun 30 September 2012

    Recovered from the post-con crash a while ago, so it's time to write up some thoughts. Last week I attended PuppetConf with my coworkers at the OSL. The OSL attended PuppetConf primarily as a pre-deployment information gathering exercise. We want to avoid common pitfalls, and be able to plan ...

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  5. Open Source Bridge Wrapup

    Sun 01 July 2012

    Friday marked the end of Open Source Bridge. Just about the best introduction to Portland culture as you can find. Vegan lunches, Voodoo Donut catering, lunch truck friday, and rock and roll pipe organists in the Unitarian's sanctuary.

    The keynotes were pretty cool. I'd seen Fenwick's presentation ...

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  6. In like a lion, out like a Wildcat!

    Fri 30 March 2012

    March has been a month of great change for K-State. Frank Martin left for the east coast, in a departure you might have heard about at the water cooler. What you probably didn't hear, is that I left in the opposite direction for a new position with the Open ...

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  7. 2011 Goal Review and 2012 Goals

    Mon 02 January 2012

    In January I published five goals:

    1. Learn and practice SEO techniques.
    2. Explore website revenue and analysis.
    3. Reinvigorate K-SLUG student participation.
    4. Impress folks by being great at my new job.
    5. Write down tasks to improve productivity and quality of life.

    Arguably I accomplished 4 of them. Obviously this isn't 5 ...

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